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★We will respond according to your preference. (Strong, Soft, Medium.)
★Time and price are included in foot bath time.

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Thai traditional massage

Time Price
70 minute 6,480 en
100 minute 9,720 en
130 minute 12,960 en
160 minute 16,200 en
190 minute 19,440 en


Thai Old Massage

Time Price
70 minute 8,640 en
100 minute 12,960 en
130 minute 16,200 en


Thai style foot massage

★Relax in the reclining seat.
★Foot bath is a course from 60 minutes.

Time Price
30 minute 3,240 en
70 minute 6,480 en
100 minute 9,720 en


Head & Face

★Tighten the scalp with a cream that promotes blood flow.Lift up with carbonic shower

Time Price
30 minute  4,320 en


Natural massage

★It is a course of shoulder, neck, head. There is no stretch.

Time Price
45 minute 4860 en


 Option course

★Please add it to the basic course.

Time Price
10 minute    Head massage 1080 en
30 minute      Head massage 3240 en
20 minute      Herb ball  back 3240 en
30 minute      Herb ball  Whole body 4860 en
15 minute    Herbal Tent 2160 en
15 minute    Neck relax/Balm 2160 en
20 minute   Hand Relax/Balm 3240 en


Course for women

Before childbirth After delivery menopause

★Time and price are included in foot bath time.

Time Price
70   minute   Maternity care 7560 en
100 minute   Maternity care 10800 en
115   minute      Postpartum care 15660 en
115   minute   Menopausal care 14040 en


♥ Maternity care・Thai traditional massage The contents may change depending on the number of pregnancy months.
♥    Postpartum care     Herbal Tent 15 minute +oil massage 60 minute+ Herb ball 30 minute
♥ Menopausal care    Herbal Tent 15 minute +oil massage 60 minute+ Head massage 30 minute
★Maternity care . Postpartum care ※You can change the time of oil massage to 90 minutes and 120 minutes.